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  • Grace M, BodyByHack at BodyMassGym Testimonials

    I started training with Hack five years ago when I needed guidance recovering from an injury. With his experience and expertise, we safely restored my function and confidence and now continue to increase and maintain my overall mobility and strength. Hack loves what he does; his energy and enthusiasm which are evident in his development of challenging routines keeps me motivated and growing stronger. He possesses such a wealth of knowledge that leads us to the most fascinating conversations about various health trends and practices. This also has influenced me in implementing practical lifestyle changes beyond the gym.

    Grace M
  • Natascha Ledford, BodyByHack at BodyMassGym Testimonials

    There are a lot of physical trainers in this world - but there is TRULY only one Fairfax Hackley. I’ve been working with Hack for over a decade now and our sessions remain the highlight of my exercise routine. When I first noticed him at my gym, he was working as an independent contractor and he stood out like a beacon. His methods were simply different, creative, interesting, and he was entirely engaged with his clients. As I would later come to find out, he is extremely experienced, responsive to his clients needs, and entirely professional as well.

    To say I trust Hack is an understatement. As my physical trainer I know he has paid attention, he knows what my body can and cannot do, he can adjust a routine on the fly based on my comments, and he challenges me every time.

    He has also become my friend, and we have a LOT of fun together. Whether he’s making me sweat with various core workouts, teaching me kickboxing (part of my personal routine), or we’re bantering back and forth, Hack is a good, honest person.

    I would recommend him highly to anyone - which I have done and will continue to do. Hack is a one-in-a-million kind of trainer and if you’re looking to get into shape, or into even better shape, or the best shape of your life, get in touch with him. Sky’s the limit with this man :).

    Natascha Ledford
  • Dave Statter, BodyByHack at BodyMassGym Testimonials

    Fairfax Hackley knows how to work with clients at all levels, from top athletes to people like me, well past their prime and dealing with back and neck issues. Hack provides keen insight and feedback to help you make the most out of your training. One of the highlights of my week is the time spent with Hack.

    Dave Statter
  • Kevork Garmirian , BodyByHack at BodyMassGym Testimonials

    Over 30 years, Hack helped me excel in 3 different areas. Strength and agility,
    explosive speed and stability and most recently injury prevention and
    rehabilitation. He explains the goals and our distance to them. Working with him
    helped me eliminate constant pain, allowing me to work and sleep normally. A huge
    part of my life.

    Kevork Garmirian
  • Satisfied Client, BodyByHack at BodyMassGym Testimonials

    Hack is the man. I had worked out on my own for years but did not find real success until working with Hack. I absolutely crushed my fitness for duty exam due to Hacks efforts. Hack’s knowledge set me up for years of fitness success and confidence. I learned about proper nutrition and recovery from Hack. I never thought I would have so much success with a trainer. Training woes tough but doable and Hack’s hilarious personality was an added bonus. Trust in Hack.

    Satisfied Client
  • Satisfied Client, BodyByHack at BodyMassGym Testimonials

    Having been a client of Hack’s for over 3 years now, I can vouch for the fact that he is a first-class master trainer.  Based on initial assessment, Hack determined that I needed to work to improve my balance.   My balance has vastly improved thanks to Hack’s training sessions focused on the Bosu Ball; I amazed myself with all the exercises that I have learned do with weights (barbells and body bar) on the Bosu Ball.  In addition, Hack helps me continue to build my overall strength conditioning, including various types of crunches to strengthen my core.  Hack makes sure that I use correct biomechanics and have the proper level of challenge so the training is not only effective but also consistently maintainable over the long term.  Hack’s positivity and good humor make the training sessions fun and go by quickly.  Hack is an extremely knowledgeable source of information on nutrition, which is a necessary complement to working out.  Hack is the complete package in a personal trainer!

    Satisfied Client
  • William B. , BodyByHack at BodyMassGym Testimonials

    I have been a client of Fairfax Hackley since 1997. He is one of the first professional trainers I ever worked with, and he set my expectations for a trainer, extremely high.

    Hack has been able to design, re-design...and re-design again, programs that were always appropriate for my ever changing needs. When I was looking to "bulk up", he found the perfect combination diet and strength training to help me reach my goals. When I was trying to get more lean, he developed a comprehensive program of high intense interval training that got me to where I wanted to go, without wasting pointless hours on a bike or treadmill.

    Last year, I had 2 hip surgeries. The first hip repair failed miserably and the second, a hip replacement, forever changed my life for the better. Throughout this period, Hack worked with me through the rehab phase and guided me back to health.

    He is a master trainer and over the years has become a valuable friend.

    William B.
  • Christina D. , BodyByHack at BodyMassGym Testimonials

    Growing up, I was always rail thin. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. As a result, I never had (nor learned) to exercise. Next thing I knew, I was in my mid-thirties with two small boys and a sedentary desk job. Needless to say – I was no longer rail thin.

    I tried the usual methods – home video exercising, walking, and crash dieting, but nothing worked.

    My husband found Hack through a friend. I’ll be honest - I was skeptical about having a “personal trainer”. After just a few weeks with Hack, I realized that the “personal” was what I had been missing.

    Hack quickly assessed my weaknesses and built a plan that worked for me. I tend to get bored easily, so he helped me with a variety of exercises, including ones I could do at home. Hack also gave me feedback on nutrition and the importance of always staying hydrated (critical for those that suffer from headaches and muscle pain like I do).

    I’ve been working with Hack for a decade now. He’s helped me build strength and inner core balance - I can even beat my kids at Twister! Our weekly sessions are always great – he’s a motivator, an intellect and a hilarious comic. I feel very lucky that I found him – hopefully, you will too.

    Christina D.
  • Davis, BodyByHack at BodyMassGym Testimonials

    I’m a bit of a weekend warrior, spending my week in front of the computer and trying to make up for it on the weekend. What has kept me going back to Hack for a dozen years is his holistic approach to body wellness and tailored fitness plan that changes based on your needs, whether from injury or just from becoming (even more) middle aged.

    After I injured my shoulder playing trampoline dodgeball with the kids, Hack gave me strengthening and stretching exercises that got me back to pain-free. (Although I decided to stop playing trampoline dodgeball...) After I threw my back out a week before the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim, Hack did multiple rounds of stretching and had me posting my best ever time. After I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee, Hack focused on strengthening my leg muscles and core and now has me back jogging.

    The list could go on... However, suffice it to say that whatever your fitness goals may be, Hack has the knowledge and, most importantly, experience to get you to the finish line.


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